Newsjacking Should Be A Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy. Here’s Why.  

As marketers, business owners, or marketing managers, we’re always looking for more tools that can be added to our palette of internet marketing tactics. This is one of those tactics of web development.

You may have never heard of the term newsjacking, but you’ve probably already guessed from the term alone that it has something to do with using news to your marketing advantage – and you’d be right.

What Is Newsjacking

The term Newsjacking was really popularized through a book written by David Meerman Scott called, “Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage .You can Follow seattle web design.

Here’s a nice, concise definition:You may already be incorporating aspects of Newsjacking and not even known it. We’ve used this tactic for some time and found it to be fantastic, often yielding some great benefits for whoever you’re incorporating it for.

Introduction To Newsjacking

Because of the internet (now more than ever) we’ve seen incredible growth in the sheer amount of content being provided – and this includes breaking news.

Basically, every news break provides marketers or companies with a unique opportunity to ride the popularity wave of a breaking story. How long a wave lasts can vary greatly, but it usually goes for some days and then dies down. The trick is being able to grab the story early on when it’s just hitting the internet, and using it to your advantage – which can be quite big.

Benefits Of Newsjacking

Newsjacking accomplishes quite a few things when it comes to marketing. Here’s what it gives you.

  1. SEO benefits
  2. Improves your brand’s reputation
  3. Quickly drives highly targeted traffic that can turn into leads – and even sales
  4. Has a very low cost

A couple of things are going to happen when you do this right.

Backlinks are going to be coming in – and your best to come could be among them.

Social Shares: other people want to be among the first to announce breaking news, so you’ll often find that your successful newsjacking gives you quite a bit of social interaction.

Improved ranking: if you do it right, and have a great user experience, you may see some lift in your ranking performance.

How To Newsjack

  1. Set up your alerts

In order to catch stuff as it’s just breaking, you’ll have to constantly monitor the news. This can be accomplished by much reading, or you can put technology to use and set up some alerts.

Incorporate a mix of both social media and RSS feeds from major news outlets to do your monitoring. I like using twitter for this and will set up lists of which profiles I want to monitor. A lot of social media tools (Hubspot for example) will allow you to flag keywords that you want to watch in your newsfeed.

  1. Prepare your article

You’ll want to do a couple of things to prepare for your article once you find one.

  1. Use a keyword research tool (like Semrush) to see which keywords get the best traffic. You’ll want to take cues from this to optimize your article for maximum traffic.
  2. Make sure you know what angles of the story are out there and that you are read up on the topic. You want your article to be a credible resource and come from a fresh perspective.
  3. Write from your own news angle. Ask yourself, “How can I write this in a way that will benefit my audience?” You don’t want your article to come across stale.
  4. Publish your article

Get your article out – this isn’t the time to let it sit and wait. You’ve got a brief window of opportunity to let it catch the wave and see some success.

  1. Tell the world

This is the moment for a major promotional push. This can include social media, Press Releases, relationship marketing, etc., but it’s time to tell the world.


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